About Us


GCRG Institute of Medical Science and Hospital

To provide evidence based clinical care to the attending patients & public health services to the neighboring community and to undertake research program which addresses the prevailing health problems and whose outcome can be translated to a functional service package & program benefiting individuals and the community at large.

To achieve global recognition for its capability to produce physicians with essential knowledge, skills and professionalism for practicing their profession efficiently & ethically.


The mission of GCRGIMS&H is to produce as prescribed by the Medical Council of India “Indian Medical Graduate” who possesses essential knowledge, skills, and professionalism, and is capable of pursuing a lifelong continuing education to keep him updated about the newer evidence based care and cure and is capable of working in different community settings with high standard of professionalism & ethic.


The undergraduate students coming out of GCRGIMS&H should be:

Be competent in diagnosis and management of common health problems of the community, commensurate with his/her position as a Leader and member of the health team and the health system he works in using his community diagnosis & management skills.

A competent clinician to practice preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative medicine in respect to the commonly encountered health problems in an individual at the primary, secondary or tertiary levels using his/her clinical skills.

Be a competent communicator with patients, families, community and members of Health team and other service providers.

A lifelong learner committed to continually update his knowledge and skill.

A professional, with all the attributes of a good citizen and committed to provide his services maintaining high standard of professional ethics and also be responsive and accountable to the patient, community he serves and the profession.